In property management, we wear many hats every day!









In property management, we wear many hats every day!


So today… we thought we would try on a few hats at our team meeting to see what we liked best.


Sometimes we will be counsellers, psychologists and a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes we will be tradie liaisons and fierce protectors of client money.  Other times we will be advisors; educators, legislation and compliance experts. We will be risk managers. We will be debt collectors.  We will be marketers, sales people, negotiators. We will inspect, report, investigate, communicate.  Juggle, rinse and repeat. We will look with a magnifying glass, white gloves and a fine-tooth comb.   But we will also see the big picture.


We will care.


But we won’t be clouded by emotion – we will be guided by legislation.


Honesty always… even when we have to tell you what you don’t want to hear.  We won’t hide from that – we promise you that.


Liability and risk management. Smoke alarms, pool safety certificates, handrails, slip and trip hazards. Because somewhere along the line the world got complicated.


That’s okay – we will guide you.


Our mission is to try and be invisible, but not let you feel in the dark either.


Property management done smarter, harder, faster. That’s our goal. “Safe hands” is how we strive for you to describe us.


Because we understand.  We’re investors too.


And today we thought we would make that feel a little fun!