Does being tenant-friendly matter in property management?

At Beyond Property Management, we are well known for being very investor-friendly property managers. We strive to maximise our client’s return on investment… with a goal to be the best property managers Brisbane has … but I often wonder if that means we are perceived to be anti-tenant.  And this concerns me, as it really is not the case at all.

We end the week this week with two perfect examples of this.  I copy below extracts from two emails from tenants in which we claimed part of the tenant’s bond at the vacate – ie we held the tenants accountable to up-hold their obligations under the RTRA Act.

This was their come-back to us for claiming some of their bond…

Actual response from tenant one whose bond we claimed part of:

“Once again I wanted to say how easy it has been to deal with all staff from Beyond Property Management.  At every step of my tenancy I found you all to be professional and friendly, and this cannot be said for many other agencies.”

Actual response from tenant two whose bond we claimed part of:

“Also thankyou to the team at beyond property management for all your efforts and hard work, you are by far the best management group we have ever dealt with while renting.”

At Beyond Property Management we pride ourselves on treating all parties with respect at all times.  Owners, tenants, tradespeople.  By focusing on healthy relationships with all parties, we minimise conflict. This makes our roles easier, our tenants feel respected and valued, and our clients therefore benefit.