Is your property in safe hands? Beyond Property Management – as safe as houses!

It is always interesting when new potential clients enquire into our services, the types of questions that different people will ask.  Some are straight-up only interested in fees, but actually most don’t even ask what our fee structure is – they just want to know that their property will be in safe hands.

Peace of mind.  Is there a price you can put on that?

Because … think about this… when does a Property Manager really ‘earn their keep?’ In weekly rent checking systems and writing up tenancies… or with the ‘bigger stuff’?

Life doesn’t always go to plan in property management, but when unexpected emergency maintenance strikes, or ‘good tenants go bad’ because they have lost their jobs… then the expertise and service levels of your Property Manager are put to the test.  But… isn’t it especially when the unexpected strikes, that the point of using a Property Manager is so that you feel comfortable that your property is in safe hands, under the care of an expert, and that you are really comfortable will always act in your best interest?

Our goal at Beyond Property Management is to provide a world-class experience to our clients – in fact, to all people who come into contact with us.  Our clients, our tenants, our contractors.

We’ve experienced first hand as property investors, the ‘cost’ of poor Property Management. 

In fact, this is the very core of our business philosophy.  Our mission is to ensure our clients have an enjoyable, stress-free experience as a landlord; we strive to save them the frustration we have experienced in our own portfolios with hiring (and firing) Property Managers.

We know what investors want.  And that’s what we deliver.

We understand our role is not just to provide an administrative service, but to provide expertise and strategies to maximise our clients’ return and minimise their exposure to risk.

So if you are looking for the best property manager Brisbane-wide, and want to have your property in safe hands, then we would love to help.

Oh, and no, we aren’t expensive.  Our fees are average.  Our service is high.