Meet Our Team

Beyond Property Management is a passionate and committed team of professional, service-driven Property Managers.  We are a mature and capable team who are passionate about best practice property management, with a constant focus on the end goal – happy clients.

The team is headed by Aaron and Heather Jopson, who have poured their hearts and souls into developing business systems with client service at the core of every process, every transaction, every situation.  As experienced property investors themselves, the core business philosophy is to understands the investor’s perspective. Treating clients, tenants, contractors with respect is paramount to this vision.

The team you read about here are what make Beyond Property Management a truly unique service provider in Brisbane property management. Why would you choose anyone else to manage your investment property?

Heather Jopson – Principal and Senior Property Manager

Heather Jopson has a long-standing career in Property Management, property investment and business ownership, stemming back to 2003 when at 26 she first invested in property and bought her first business.  Heather spent her ‘maternity leave’ years actively in the property market as a full-time property investor.  She has been involved in dozens of property transactions, from renovate-to-rent and renovate-to-sell, house relocations, joint ventures and vendor finance transactions.

A few years into this journey, other investors starting asking Heather to manage their properties for them, as they were so frustrated with the standard of care offered by the mainstream agencies. And before long, Heather had her own niche clientele and rent roll.

The launch of Beyond Property Management was based on a simple philosophy – to bridge the gap she recognised existed between what a property investor wants from their property manager, and what the mainstream property management industry provides.

Her philosophy to property management is that she will manage all properties as though they were her own. Being a property investor means her approach to management is entirely different to the norm. She understands the needs of investors, because she is one. She takes pride in her communication with both owners and tenants, and remains always focused on treating everyone with a high level of integrity and respect. She is a true property investment manager.

You would be hard-pressed to find another property manager with the industry experience Heather can offer, nor the passion and dedication she brings.

Aaron Jopson – Asset Management

Aaron Jopson brings a level of commercial experience from the big business corporate world that not many small businesses can leverage.  He is a business systems and process improvement specialist, with over thirteen years at management level in Commercial operations roles.

With much of this experience in the Infrastructure world, negotiating commercial construction contracts, Aaron ensures not just the internal systems of Beyond Property Management are best practice, but ensures our Contractors are compliant too.

His role managing our maintenance, routine inspections and trust accounting are perfect for Aaron, because compliance and risk management are ingrained in his psyche. He is a specialist in commercial risk, WHS, supplier performance and negotiation, and also has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.

He is also an experienced property investor, and having renovated more properties than he cares to remember, Aaron’s role ensures inspection reports are detailed and give a true picture of any potential maintenance concerns.  He understands investors want to know what is really happening at their investment property, not just a report on whether the tenants had made beds and done dishes.

Aaron’s strength is in the detail, and like the rest of the team, he is passionate about ensuring a consistently positive experience with Beyond Property Management.

Elizabeth Court – Leasing and Tenancy Manager

Elizabeth Court is a true Property Management career professional.  She has over ten years of experience in Property Management, including a unique role overseeing, training and providing guidance to 300 external Property Managers in the leasing of 18,500 investment properties throughout Australia.  This role gave Elizabeth great exposure to the varying levels of service in the property management industry, and allowed her to develop deep industry knowledge.  A true career professional, Elizabeth’s experience covers all aspects of property management, and she is passionate about client service.  Her attention to detail, and industry and legislative knowledge would be hard to beat.

Elizabeth quickly became a highly valued staff member.  Her values, passion and experience are a perfect fit for the perfection-driven team at Beyond Property Management.

Elizabeth has been a tenant, a  home owner and a landlord.  She prides herself on her ‘firm but fair’ approach and treating all parties with respect.  She is proud to be a part of the team at Beyond Property Management.   And we can definitely say she shares our values for client service, and our understanding of client needs.

Bianca Dally – Leasing and Tenancy Manager

Bianca Dally is a passionate and committed Property Manager who thrives in the fast-paced and deadline driven world of tenancy management.  With 12 years’ experience in credit risk management, Bianca has a sharp eye for detail and a great ability to juggle the many demands of property management.  Bianca’s experience in processing credit applications has seen her transfer to property management seamlessly, with a great ability to know how to effectively assess tenancy applications.

With a tendency for being a perfectionist and a strong passion for delivering exceptional service, Bianca’s values are recognised and valued in the Beyond Property Management team.

Bianca is a natural ‘people person’ and enjoys building respectful relationships with tenants and owners, and her calm but efficient nature means she is a natural problem solver.  She approaches all aspects of property management with diligence, integrity and care.

We are delighted to have Bianca as part of our close-knit team.

Annette de Waal – Property Management Administration

Annette de Waal is Beyond Property Management’s much valued perfectionist, with a role focused on compliance, administration, and attention to detail.  Annette is a qualified industrial engineer and with her husband, she has purchased, developed and maintained a significant residential and industrial real estate portfolio in Munich, Salzburg, Sydney and Brisbane. She has a sharp eye for detail and is committed to doing things properly the first time. These skills in particular, were honed in her role as key account manager for IBM at Siemens engineering in Munich, Germany.

Annette was a co-owner and director of the manufacturing and construction business Copelands and Pickers based in Woolloongabba and Seventeen Mile Rocks.

At Copelands and Pickers, Annette managed all logistics and work place health and safety requirements.  She also purchased and developed two industrial properties to facilitate the relocation of the business.

Following the sale of the business in 2009, Annette continued to manage the associated industrial real estate facilities, until they too were sold in 2011.  Wanting to focus more on the discipline of property management, Annette completed her Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and is delighted to be able to work with the professional members of the Beyond Property team to deliver the service excellence its clients deserve.

What a powerhouse Brisbane property management team!

Other Service Areas

Property Sales – Beyond Property Management does not perform property sales – we stand by our word that Property Management is our ONLY focus.  However, we do work closely with sales agents that we respect and whose services we are confident in.   This allows our clients the expertise of a sales team when required, for instance when wanting to get a feel for what is happening in local sales in the area.

Investing in property requires good contacts in many related areas.  Beyond Property Management has strong relationships with the following industries that we are happy to take enquiries for and refer our clients to:

Mortgage Broking

Commercial Property Management

Real Estate Sales


Quantity Surveyor (depreciation schedules)

Financial Planner


…. and many more