Are Property Management Companies Worth It?

Are Property Management Companies Worth It?

Are property management companies worth it? A question our clients never have to ask; however, you might wonder… should I pay the small yearly cost or do it myself?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I dedicate time and effort to be available at all hours and run the property by myself on a full-time basis?
  •  Do I know all the latest local property laws?
  • Can I manage to oversee tradespeople or contractors?
  • Do I know how to perform background checks and run credit checks on potential tenants?
  • Will I be available at any time of the day for my tenants?

Most rental property owners have a job to do or their own errands.

Imagine waking at 7am to an urgent call as your tenant’s water pipe is leaking out everywhere and the first thing you have to do is ring around plumbers. Instead of you having to organise that, as a client you can rest in the knowledge that your property manager is able to quickly call the plumber, organise the fix, and not even bother you about the matter unless there is a question.  

With Beyond Property Management – you are not buying a Property Manager’s services, you are buying your peace of mind.

Benefits of using a Property Manager who cares:

  1. Reliable tenants
  2. Fewer legal issues
  3. Efficient rent collection process
  4. Less stress, more free time
  5. Less overall costs (management and maintenance)
  6. Maximised returns
  7. Tax Benefits
  8. Appropriate insurance cover
  9. Short term vacancy
  10. Long term lease


We hope our article asking “Are Property Management Companies Worth it?” gave you some pause for thought.  If you’d like any help finding the right tenant, or have any questions regarding property management, contact Beyond Property Management for a discussion today.

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