Beyond Property Management Brisbane - results in action!

Beyond Property Management Brisbane - results in action!

It’s Heather here again from Beyond Property Management Brisbane.

I posted recently about the results for clients that our advertising is achieving – more enquiries that result in higher rents and less time on market.  And we gave an example how this resulted in $1725 MORE in our client’s pockets each year.

I am following this up with our end of month statistics… so I apologise for two blatant boasts in a row!

Here are some screen shots of our end of month stats… pretty impressive huh?

Computer Screen Displaying Good Results Computer Screen Displaying Great Results Computer Screen Displaying No Tenants in Arrears of 7+ Days

With 0% tenants 7+ days in arrears, 1% vacancy rate (which includes properties we are marketing that are new managements) and “all tasks up to date” and fully reconciled, we are a pretty happy bunch of property managers.  But it isn’t about us – it is about results for clients!

If you want to re-fresh on our advertising results – Read more here.

These statistics are a great example of how a property manager should be adding value to your experience as a landlord.  Our role is not just to administer leases and collect rent.  Our role is to maximise our client’s return and minimise their risk.  This encompasses so many tasks – from effective leasing strategies, stringent rent arrears procedures, and thorough routine inspections.  But there is so much more to being the best property managers Brisbane can possibly offer.  Communication skills and knowledge of emergency maintenance procedures, where to spend money in renovation and where not to, strong contractor control processes.

Beyond Property Management Brisbane – Adding Value, Delivering Results! (And we can prove it!)

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