Beyond Property Management Brisbane = results!

Beyond Property Management Brisbane = results!

Heather here from Beyond Property Management Brisbane.

Warning! Friday afternoon boast coming…

I was just reading through our stats that our rep from sent.

 Congratulations to our whole team and all the effort they put in to get great results for clients. These are our results:

o Days on site: 23% less than average

o Average Property Views: over 40% more than average

o Enquiries: 4.55% above average

o Median Rental Price Achieved: 6.33% above average

So we are leasing faster, getting more views and enquiries and achieving above average rents in the areas we manage properties.

Let’s do some numbers on an average Brisbane rental –

With a Brisbane approximate average rent of $400 – at 6.33% above average, the Beyond Property Management Brisbane average is $425.

$25 per week is $1300 per year in our client’s pockets.

With time on site being 23% less, that means we are leasing faster. If that is a week’s vacancy saved – that is $425.

So far we are at $1725 MORE in our client’s pockets per year.

With more property views and enquiries we are reaching a broader tenant pool – so clients are getting better choice of applicants.

The list really does go on and on for how having the best property managers Brisbane-wide on your team pays!

Beyond Property Management Brisbane really do go above and beyond to get great results for clients.  We can’t control everything, the market doesn’t always respond, and we sure can’t control human behaviour and the unforeseeable.  But we sure do work hard and the results here are clear.

I did warn you this was a boast! But it is also a thank you from Aaron and Heather to our whole team who always work so hard and care so much for client results.

If you are trying to find investment property management in Brisbane with a team focused on results, then call us – we would love to help!

Happy weekend!

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