Switching Property Managers - How to Know When the Time is Right?

Switching Property Managers - How to Know When the Time is Right?

We're industry myth-busting today! Find out when is the best time to change property managers 👀

Posted by Beyond Property Management Pty Ltd on Monday, April 27, 2020

Today, Heather Jopson from Beyond Property Management talks about when is the best time for changing investment property managers.

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Transcript for: ‘Switching Property Managers (PM) – How to Know When the Time is Right?’

“Hi I’m Heather from Beyond Property Management (PM) and I’ve got an industry myth-busting topic for you today. So, often we get contacted by prospective clients who are not happy with the communication and the service that they’re getting from their PM and they say ‘that it’s going to be easiest if I change property manager at the end of this lease so I’m going to wait till then’.

That’s actually the hardest time. We’ll still do it absolutely and we’ll handle the process but the easiest time to change PM is actually in the middle of the lease; Because in Queensland your management agreement will have a 30-day notice period with your PM and we like to start marketing a property before your current tenant has moved out, if they’re moving. So, we’re not incurring vacancy costs on you.

So, we’d like to be the PM before that process starts and not have to come in when the property is already vacant because that’s going to cost you money.

If you’ve got any questions on that, on when is the smoothest time to change PM? What is the process around it? Then please do contact us. But I thought you would find that interesting day because most people think the easiest time is at the end of the lease.

Where is actually the easiest time is right in the middle, when there’s nothing major going on so that 30-day notice period can be handled most effectively.

I hope you found that interesting. Thanks”

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