COVID-19 Update - Tenants

COVID-19 Update - Tenants

To Our Tenants, 

Firstly, we reiterate our understanding, compassion and sense of urgency you feel to have information so that you can understand any potential changes to your tenancy obligations during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As I am sure you can understand, we are being inundated with questions of ‘what if’ scenarios – so remind you to please go to for general information on tenancy obligations.  At this stage there are NO actual changes to tenancy law, so please refer to the general information from the RTA.

For our Landlord Clients’ risk management particularly in relation to Landlord insurance, there are procedures and requirements that must continue – please understand that usual rent arrears procedure must continue according to legislative process.  There are changes unfolding daily and we will be guided by legislative changes should they occur.  

This information is current as at 8am on 30th March 2020.

You may be aware of an announcement last night – the Prime Minister did state that the states and territories have agreed in principle to a moratorium over the next six month on evictions of commercial and residential property – where the tenant is in financial distress and are unable to meet their commitments due to the impact of coronavirus. 

The coverage and further detail provided last night related to commercial tenancies.  There was no further announcement or changes/impacts to residential tenancies. The reason for this, is that legislation relating to residential tenancies is state-based legislation.  Each state must now consider changes to the legislative framework that governs residential tenancies in their state. 

There is much social media misinformation around, so – in your interest – we want to clarify the following:

* The details of a ‘moratorium on evictions’ have NOT been finalised. The goal is to avoid homelessness and to provide tenants with peace of mind toward having a roof over their heads during this pandemic.

* HOWEVER, a moratorium on evictions does NOT equal a six month rent free period.  Please be very clear on this. The misinformation in social media is dangerous to the stability of the rental market and your own rental history should you follow it. Please be careful that you are only guided by factual information.

* Please continue to communicate with your Property Manager if you are directly impacted as a result of Coronavirus – HOWEVER, please understand that we cannot help you if you do not provide the factual evidence of the direct impact on you.  This includes the outcome of any application for Centrelink support.

 * Should you find yourself in a difficult situation with regards to your finances and employment, we urge you to contact Centrelink and any other relevant Government organisations to see if you are eligible for financial assistance during this period to assist with your rent and any other expenses.  The Government to date has put many, many benefits and payments in place to support people to be able to continue to meet their financial obligations. This needs to be your FIRST option to meet your financial obligations. Please find out all information on what government support you are eligible for, before contacting us, so that we are best positioned to provide the most accurate information to your Lessor about your situation so that they can take consideration and provide support – if they are in a position to do so.  

* Most importantly – Please communicate with us pro-actively – the worst thing you can do is stop communicating.

* There is NO obligation on banks (as at today) to provide any mortgage relief to Landlords – and any ‘mortgage holiday’ in the past has NOT meant that the mortgage didn’t need to be paid in the future.  It only meant delay of payment, with interest accruing in the meantime – ie the debt increases with interest being added.  We communicate this because – again – there is poor information in social media and it is so important that all parties understand the needs of all during this time.  

We do understand your frustration, anxiety and worry during this time and request your understanding that this is something we are all experiencing and that it is a time in our lives when we all must pull together and understand everyone’s needs.  Your Landlord, and our team as well, are also under immense pressure.  Please remain respectful of others.


We appreciate your understanding and wish you health during these times.

With thanks as always,

Aaron, Heather, Liz, Michelle, Bianca, Jade, Lauren

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If you have any further questions, please speak to one of our Property Managers  on 07 3188 7651

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