Do I Need to Use a Local Property Manager?

Do I Need to Use a Local Property Manager?

Today, Heather and Aaron Jopson help answer a commonly asked question ‘Do I Need to Use a Local Property Manager’.

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Transcript for: ‘Do I Need to Use a Local Property Manager?’

“One of the resistances that we often get as an agency is that we are a specialist property management agency, but we are Brisbane wide.

Why Is Our Property Management Different?

So, our business is quite different. We have a property manager in each area of Brisbane that specialises in that area. But often clients will feel that if we’re not 2 minutes away from the property, are they better off with a local agency.

The Leaking Tap Example!

So, an example that I often use for that, is that there was a property in North Lakes managed by a local agency there; A tenant’s carpet cleaner had come at the end of lease and they’d left the tap on and they were called and said ‘the property’s flooding like somebody’s left a tap on’. Instead of driving 2-minutes to the property to turn a tap off, they sent a plumber.

So, my answer to the question ‘do I need to use a local property manager’; my answer to that is – “just because they are 2-minutes away from the property does not mean that they are good at what they do“.

At Beyond Property Management, we are property management specialists and we care passionately about our client’s experience.

“And that’s what matters!”

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Interested to learn more why it’s more important to find a property manager that cares passionately about your experience than a local property manager? Get in touch with a property manager from Beyond Property Management on (07) 3188 7651 to find out more today.

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