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Beyond Property Management’s

‘No Surprises’ Fee Structure

Did you know that ‘actual’ total property management fees can add up to 11-15% of your annual rental income?

At Beyond Property Management, we understand the frustration investors feel with being charged additional fees for … well… anything actually involved in what should be provided as part of a professional property management service. We wanted to charge transparent fees that make sense. But most of all, we wanted to deliver a great service. So not only are our property management fees competitive, we are confident you will value the service we deliver.

Even worse than hidden fees… is the true cost to a landlord of poor service. Vacancy caused by under-staffed property management teams … poor letting strategies… non-best practice procedures regarding lease renewals… unnecessary tradesmen call-outs for matters that could have been resolved on the phone… are very simple examples of where ‘cheap’ property management gets very costly.

At Beyond Property Management our fees are very competitive and easy to understand, and we honestly believe offer the best over-all return to you that is available in the industry.

Because after all – your investment property is a valuable asset. So we know that having your property in safe hands is your key criteria – with a property manager that will care about you and your property, and deliver a professional service for a reasonable fee.

We understand. We’re investors too.

So if you have an investment property in the Brisbane region and would like to experience Property Management the way it should be, with fees that make sense… contact us today.