Four Key Responsibilities for Landlords in Queensland

Four Key Responsibilities for Landlords in Queensland

So, you’ve bought yourself an investment property?  Congratulations on becoming a Landlord! 

We’re not wanting to burst your bubble, but being a Landlord isn’t just about collecting the money.  Landlords are subject to numerous obligations, and they’re all listed in the RTRA (Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation) Act, if you’re keen to study up. 

Let’s take a look at 4 key responsibilities relevant to you being a Landlord in Queensland: 

#1  Provide a Written Tenancy Agreement 

Before your tenant moves into the property, you must provide them with a written tenancy agreement.   A completed pre-tenancy condition report should accompany this agreement. You, and your tenant, must adhere to any stipulations within the tenancy agreement. 

#2   Ensure Your Tenant is Safe 

Rental properties must be compliant with Queensland safety laws.  For example, pools must have regulation fences and relevant signage, and the correct type of smoke alarms must be installed.  As a Landlord, you are also responsible for the testing and battery replacements of the smoke alarms. 

#3  Ensure Essential Services Work Properly 

Whether it be gas, electricity or water, as a Landlord, you are responsible for ensuring these essential services are working properly.  And if something happens which affects any of these services, eg like a burst pipe, it must be repaired immediately.   

#4  Keep the Property in Good Condition 

Whilst maintaining the property is in your best interests for increasing the property’s value, it is actually also a legal requirement for a Landlord to ensure the property is in good condition.  Your tenant is responsible for keeping the property clean and free from damage, but if a gutter needs replacing, it’s you that will have to foot the bill. 

A good property manager will provide all these services to you, extending advice and keeping you up-to-date with what’s needing to be done at your property.    

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