How does Property Management Work?

How does Property Management Work?
how property management works wheel
7 Steps To Property Management

For those who have just purchased an investment home to build their future wealth, they are often in search of: How Property Management works.

This is how it works usually:

  • Working together to set the rental price and determine what kind of tenants are needed
  • Photograph and advertise the property
  • Attracting and screening applicants, arranging inspections, helping landlords select the best tenant
  • Create the tenancy agreement, offer information to tenants on their rights & responsibilities, and offer bond lodgement forms.
  • Organise a regular schedule of rental payments
  • Manage any repairs and repair bills, collect receipts for the landlord, etc.
  • Conduct regular property inspections and report back
  • Manage end-of-tenancy matters and ensure the property is re-advertised as quickly as possible.

How Does BPM Do it Differently

The Property Management process above works in a similar way at most property letting agencies, but how your Property Manager carries out each of these tasks, well that is a completely different matter. It really is what sets us apart from competitors. 

For instance, we have a guarantee of high-quality, personalised service. That means you can expect us to:

  • Go the extra mile to screen and shortlist better, longer-term tenants
  • Have a quick response time to both tenants’ and landlords’ needs
  • Explain the Tenancy Agreement and how to fill out the inspection form
  • Ensure the tenant knows the best way to pay the rent and encourage timely collection
  • Have relationships with good handymen, plumbers, electricians, so we can get a quick response when something needs doing
  • Organise a new tenant in the quickest possible time at end of tenancies, but not at the expense of future turnover.

At Beyond Property Management, we are experienced investors too. That’s why we love to deliver a good return on your property management fee.

Read a little more about why we care so much here.

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