How to Hold Open for Inspections That Attract High-Quality Tenants

How to Hold Open for Inspections That Attract High-Quality Tenants

It’s no secret that not all tenants are the same. There are good tenants, bad tenants, and some that simply aren’t right for your property.

At an open for inspection, your priority as a property owner should be to find high-quality tenants to fill your property.

So, how do you attract more good tenants to your inspection rather than the not-so-good ones? Here’s how we do it:

1. Determine Your Ideal Tenant

The first step to getting high-quality tenants to your inspection is to determine who your ideal tenant is. After all, if you don’t know who and what type of tenant you’re looking for, then you won’t know how to find them. Save yourself precious time and effort by defining your ideal tenant early on.

What type of tenant/s are your looking for? What are their interests? Why would they want to live in your property and area? What features and amenities do they look for? Questions like these will help you focus your search.

Remember to keep your property type in mind when doing this. A 4 bedroom house in the suburbs is probably ideal for a family, while a brand new inner city studio apartment would be perfect for a high earning professional. It also helps if they have a steady income and a good rental history too.

By determining your ideal tenant from the start, you can target your campaign and tailor your inspection to emphasise the qualities that your ideal tenants want.

2. Market Appropriately

Now that you know who your ideal tenant is, you can market your property to them more effectively.

While it’s important to be aggressive with your marketing campaigns, it’s even more important to market it on the right channels and platforms. The key here is to advertise and market your property in ways that your ideal tenant will most likely encounter it and be attracted to it.

Remember that it’s also important to choose the right date and time for your inspection, so keep this in mind when you advertise your property. Professionals who work full-time jobs, for example, may not be able to attend weekday and mid-day inspections as easily as students.

3. Prepare Your Property Properly

The next step is to prepare your property and make it as presentable and attractive as possible.

This means cleaning your property well before the open inspection, clearing away dirt, debris and any clutter that could make your property unattractive to your ideal tenant. If necessary, hire professional cleaners to clean your property and get it as close to showroom-quality as possible.

On the day itself, make sure to get in early to prepare everything and make last-minute touch-ups before your prospects arrive. Other helpful tips include:

  • Open windows and blinds/curtains (when appropriate) to promote air circulation and let more light into your property.
  • Maintain an ideal temperature inside (cooler on hot days, and warmer on colder temperatures)
  • Keep entryways and pathways clear.
  • Have all relevant paperwork, documentation and marketing collateral ready and easily accessible.
  • Add welcoming touches like fresh cookies, coffee or scented candles that set the mood.

4. Collect the Right Information

Register all visitors and prospects who come in by taking down their names and best contact information. This will allow you to follow up on them afterwards. Use whatever system works best for you, whether it’s with manual entry sign-ins or collecting information on laptops or tablets as you take them through your property.

Collecting the right information serves two main purposes: 1) Making your inspection more secure and 2) Creating a database of your prospects.

It also helps to gauge visitors throughout their visit, assessing their level of interest and likelihood of applying for a tenancy on your property.

With the information you collect, you can then follow up with your strongest prospects via phone or email to see whether they want to proceed with an application.

5. Be Patient and Flexible

It’s important to remember that finding the right tenant can take time, so be prepared to stay patient throughout your search. Keep in mind that you may not always land the right tenant in your first open for inspection, and there’s a chance you may have to hold multiple inspections to find the right one.

In such cases, you’ll need to start the process again. But don’t lose hope – finding the right tenant will be worth it in the long run.

You should also be flexible with your inspections, making room for schedule changes (if possible) or accommodating further inspections with interested and serious prospects.

Work with Professionals for the Best Results

While you can certainly conduct inspections and find good tenants on your own, chances are you’ll do a much better job if you work with experienced professionals.

A skilled and experienced property manager can market your property in the most effective way, and they’ll know how to prepare your property, so it becomes more attractive to your ideal tenant. They can also manage every little aspect of your inspection, from the initial marketing stage to handling the inspection itself and following up on serious prospects.

Even if you don’t end up working with a property manager for your property, it’s worth investing in professional services for all other aspects of your inspection. This includes hiring professional photographers to capture your property in the best light and getting professional cleaners to clean and prepare your property for the big day.

If you need more information about getting your property ready for an open inspection, feel free to contact us to find out more. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect tenants for your property.

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