How Will We Manage Maintenance On Your Behalf

How Will We Manage Maintenance On Your Behalf

In this video, Heather explains the Beyond Property Management procedures for managing property maintenance on your behalf as the property owner. Click the video below to watch or read the transcript.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Heather Jopson from Beyond Property Management and I wanted to talk briefly today about a client question that we get when people are out there choosing a property manager and that is, ‘How will we manage maintenance on your behalf?’.

And the answer to that is it depends, if we have a burst pipe and there’s water going everywhere we’re getting that plumber on-site before we even call you. We’re going to call you and keep you up to date with what’s going on but we’re going to deal with that issue for you and we’re not going to wait for your permission to do that because that could cause damage for you.

Another example of a maintenance item might be a fence that’s just starting to fall a bit and some of the posts are starting to wobble. That’s a significant spend, we’ve got some time on that we’re going to go to a quoting process and present those quotes for you and of course there’s neighbours involved in that one as well.

Another example might be a leaking shower where it’s not obvious from what the tenants are saying and from what we can see because we’re not plumbers where that water’s coming from so we don’t know and the plumber doesn’t know until he starts working what the issue is so in that instance we can’t quote it because the tradesman doesn’t know until he investigates so some things take investigative work by a qualified tradesman in order to know what the issue is in that instance we’re going to send them with a capped work order so that they can diagnose it find out what the issue is and then if from there we quote further or we go ahead we take it from there.

Another one might be a door’s sticking, it’s a general handyman item or replacing a toilet seat. We know what the labour cost is going to be what the materials cost is going to be and we can tell you it’s going to be about this much. A clicking ceiling fan as an hours labour plus the cost of the part so we can help you choose on what the part is that’s most appropriate and get that information before a tradesmen sent out on site.

So I think the important thing to know is that as your property manager we know what we’re doing, we know how to deal with maintenance we’re investors ourselves so we completely respect your money and we’re going to look after you in the process no matter what the maintenance item is that we’re looking after for you

So, I hope that helps you know on the sorts of answers you should be expecting from a property manager around how they’ll handle maintenance for you. Thank you.

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