Interesting article on AIRBNB with Lessor awarded compensation

Interesting article on AIRBNB with Lessor awarded compensation

Airbnb has been on the news quite a bit of late regarding the sub leasing of properties. Recently, the New Zealand Herald has reported on a case from the Tenancy Tribunal that found that the property landlord could recover profits associated with Airbnb sub leasing. While the case in question is across the Tasman Sea in Wellington, it is certainly an interesting time and very much a ‘watch this pace’ issue as cases unfold under different legislation in different states in Australia (and globally it seems!).

Watch the full video here:

‘Landlord awarded tenant’s Airbnb profits after property illegally subleased’

While there is no doubt that Airbnb has and continues to change up the rental property market landscape and with new rivals entering space on what seems like an almost yearly basis, our property manager Brisbane team are interested to see what the future holds for these short-term rental platforms.

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