Latest Brisbane Rental Market Statistics Released

Latest Brisbane Rental Market Statistics Released

The latest Brisbane rental market statistics have been released for October. Rents remain steady in Brisbane. It is always interesting to see what is happening in other states, but actually it is drilling down more into how each region and suburb of Brisbane is performing compared to the wider Brisbane market. For more information on more localised rental market conditions, we are happy to have a chat anytime.

A good property manager will not only know what is happening in the suburbs they service, but will also know what type of property and what features and benefits to a home are of particular appeal to the local tenant market. Each property should always be appraised individually, and medians / statistics not relied upon to ‘guess’ what a property will achieve in the local market.

We are always happy to talk property, so call us anytime for an appraisal or just a chat. rental market snapshot: October 2018

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