Professional Property Photos Are Important When Advertising Your Property

Professional Property Photos Are Important When Advertising Your Property

Professional photography is important when advertising your property.

Posted by Beyond Property Management Pty Ltd on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Today, Heather Jopson from Beyond Property Management explains why professional property photos are crucial when marketing & advertising your investment property. Watch the video to learn why.

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Transcript for: ‘Professional Property Photos in Investment Property Marketing’

“Professional photography used to be something that sales agents and property managers didn’t do. On most properties now, we would be doing professional photography.

If you think of people’s experience with looking for properties now, they’re on their phone and they’re scrolling on and then something catches their eye.

So, then they.. Do you swipe left or right? I don’t know, I’ve been married for too long.

They swipe, that way. Looking at the phones and if that catches their eye, then they’ll click in and read the ad.

I don’t think I even have to write ads anymore because I don’t think anybody reads them.

They look at the number of the bedrooms, the price and they look at the photos.”

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