Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections


Hi, I’m Heather Jopson from Beyond Property Management, and I’m back with another frequently asked question, and that is around routine inspections.

New clients often ask, “how often do you do routine inspections?”. And while that’s an important question, it is actually not the whole question. So, we do routine inspections three times a year. I know some agencies only do it twice a year, like every six months. I feel that a lot can happen in a property in six months. And that’s not really enough. You’re not allowed under Queensland tenancy law to do them any more than every 12 weeks. I feel that that’s a little bit too often to be entering a home and can create some friction with your tenant. We find the right balances every four months.

But what’s more important is that we understand what we’re there to do when we’re there. Routine inspections are really important, the thoroughness of them is really important. This is about asset management. This is about respecting the fact that you’ve got an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and we’re there to caretake that for you, to make sure that preventative maintenance is being noted. You understand exactly what’s happening at that property so that you’re not losing capital value by it deteriorating with things that could have been avoided, or, you know, maintenance that if it’s left to go would end up costing you more money in the future.

So, I’ve been a tenant, had a property manager come and do a routine inspection and spend honestly 20 seconds inside the property. Scurried around, barely lifted a head, didn’t look at anything, didn’t even go out the back, and then left again. Probably sent a report, tenants keeping the home nicely.

But we recognise that when we’re there, we’re there to look at, wet areas, is there any sign of any mould or deterioration. Do your windowsills look like they’re going to start needing painting soon before too long? Does your hot water system look like it might be starting to rust out, and maybe we want to monitor that for you?

So we’re not qualified tradespeople. But we are there to be your eyes and ears, to take photos, to provide thorough reports that respect the value of your asset. And this role of routine inspections is actually really, really important for your long-term success as a property investor. So hopefully, that answered the question on that, and we’re always happy to answer any more if you’ve got them. Thanks so much.

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