Scents to make Dollars when Renting out your Property

Scents to make Dollars when Renting out your Property

Have you ever wondered how your property rates on the nose?  If you’re looking for quality, long-term tenants, it really is something to consider.  

It is scientifically proven that our judgment can be influenced by our sensory receptors and perceptions – not just the appearance of a property, but the smell can also influence a tenant’s decision.

Whilst coffee, fresh cookies and donuts can be the best smells wafting around your home to welcome guests, research suggests that they can actually put prospective tenants off.  Cooking or baking smells, to some, may create an impression of a carefree landlord who could not put enough effort in to create a clean and fresh environment. The trick is to be more natural and subtle when enticing them with aromas.

Here is a list of fresh scents that may increase the chances of renting your property: 

Potpourri, candles, oil diffusers:  Green/citrus scents appeal to a larger demographic. However, to keep it subtle, turn off the scents 30 minutes prior to your inspection time so that the smells can diffuse in the environment and create a more natural aroma.

Add greens to the mix:  Add some green indoor plants to your property. They will naturally purify the air and emit a fresh vibe both for the eyes and the ears. PLUS they show that you care for the environment. 

Fresh curtains & bedding:  Musty curtains, rugs and bedding can subdue all your efforts of creating a fresh and clean environment in the house. Make sure your curtains and bedding have been recently cleaned with a good scented cleaner. 

Vanilla – This sweet fragrance never loses its charm.  It can work wonders when it comes to renting your property to a high-end tenant.  Vanilla offers a calm aroma that reduces anxiety, offering a fresh and warm feeling for tenants.  Jasmine is another great alternative but again, know when to stop.

Scented herbs– Instilling scented herbs like rosemary and thyme in the kitchen can create a refreshing environment.  This can also provide a warm welcome to the tenants.

NO-NO Smells: 

Mustiness – This can be a sign of dampness issues that need to be attended to immediately.  Remove any trace of mustiness at least a week before the inspection date, and make sure you arrange for the windows to be opened (weather permitting) on the inspection day. 


Pets – Pets are lovely but they can leave an odour to put off the keenest of tenants.  Ensure any traces of pet smells are gone.


Strong Smelling Cleaners – Cleaning is essential but don’t use strong household cleaners right before the inspection. Give it at least 24 hours, and keep your windows and doors open to let the smell out.  


Now that your home is smelling sweet, those long-term, quality tenants you’ve been looking to entice might just be signing that long-term lease.

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