Bianca Dally

Bianca Dally

Property Manager


About Bianca

Bianca Dally joined us in May 2017 and is a passionate and committed Property Manager who thrives in the fast-paced and deadline driven world of tenancy management. With 12 years’ experience in credit risk management, Bianca has a sharp eye for detail and a great ability to juggle the many demands of property management. Bianca’s experience in processing credit applications has seen her transfer to property management seamlessly, with a great ability to know how to effectively assess tenancy applications.

With a tendency for being a perfectionist and a strong passion for delivering exceptional service, Bianca’s values are recognised and valued in the Beyond Property Management team.

Bianca is a natural ‘people person’ and enjoys building respectful relationships with tenants and owners, and her calm but efficient nature means she is a natural problem solver. She approaches all aspects of property management with diligence, integrity and care.

We are delighted to have Bianca as part of our close-knit team.

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