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Customer Testimonials

Our goal at Beyond Property Management is that our clients feel comfortable that we will always go above and beyond for them. We would love for our clients to say we are the best property managers in Brisbane.

We genuinely enjoy being a part of our clients’ property investment journey – and here are what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with us. You can also read our client survey results across our website as well.

Drew & Kate

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Following are some further testimonials we have received in recent years, from our more camera-shy clients!

Thank you for your service !!! You came highly recommended by a relative of mine, and also a industry professional, so I chose your company. My own experience of your service has been great, with you renting out the property almost immediately. Your ongoing service has been excellent, and I would recommend you to everyone in need of this kind of service..
Linda D
Heather is a highly proactive property manager with a clear focus on providing the best outcomes for both the landlord and tenant. I’ve been impressed with the level of her professionalism and her personal knowledge of my properties and tenants, which I hadn’t experienced before with other property managers.

As a property investor herself, Heather understands the drivers and needs of landlords but as a dedicated property manager, she also appreciates the tenants’ perspective so she works hard to create a positive and beneficial relationship between all parties. I also value the fact that Heather is focused only on providing the best property management service to me and my tenants. I highly recommend Heather to any property investor seeking quality personalised property management services.
A Chang
Highly recommended. Kerry and I changed the management of our investment property to Heather of Beyond Property Management at a point where we were considering managing our investment property ourselves after several costly mistakes by previous rental managers. Since then we have not looked back. The three things for us that has made Heather stand out from her competitors include:

Heather is a highly experienced investment property owner and her business is only managing investment properties and is not a side line to selling real estate. This is a different to our previous experience where our rental managers were very young and usually had not owned their own investment properties. Heather is always looking at ways to minimize our expenses, one example of this is past rental managers would have billed us for an electricians call out fee for a light not working, rather than checking if the light bulb just needed changing.

We only deal with Heather and she regularly keeps in contact with our tenants and us. This is different from our past experiences where due to high staff turnover we usually didn’t know who our rental manager was and similarly they often didn’t know us, our property or tenants. Heather has such good relations with our tenants that she was called up the other day when one of our tenants found our neighbour trying to fill their water tank from our tap. In the past our tenants wouldn’t have cared.

Being a property investor, Heather is proactive so we always have tenants. Heather knows that as a property investment owner, vacancies cost you money. From our experience it is the little things that Heather does that impress us. These include: not waiting till the week before the tenant is moving out to start advertising. Negotiating leases that are longer than 6 months and that do not expire during the Christmas holidays. Heather did a fantastic job managing our property after the storms which at the time damaged 30 windows on the south facing part of our units. Heather not only helped in coordinating all parties concerned, but also kept good relations with our tenants so that we still had full occupancy throughout the whole process.

Thanks Heather!
Mark Vanniekerk
I have been investing in property for 20 years. In this time I’ve had dealings with many types of property managers, from good to bad and everything in-between. It’s taught me to look for certain characteristics in a manager such as: a good communicator, knowledgeable, a fair and transparent fee structure and most of all with integrity. Heather has demonstrated all these traits. I was so happy with her initial service, that she now manages a 2nd property and will be managing additional properties in the future. Thanks Heather, I look forward to doing further business in the future.
Justin Hams
Heather from Beyond Property Management impressed us from the get go. Her depth of knowledge and the true care for us and our properties is something you don’t get from any ordinary Property Manager. Heather has proven time and time again what a fantastic choice she was for us through her good communication, her timely payments, her thorough inspections and reports, not to mention finding us great tenants at or above the rental prices we were hoping for. As Heather is an investor herself she understands what we want as property owners, but also is fair and caring of the tenants. We are extremely lucky to have found such a fantastic Property Manager on our first try. We will absolutely recommend Heather and Beyond Property Management to all our friends and family, and continue to use her for all our properties to come.
Kate Voss
After meeting with several Property Managers we chose Heather as she stood out from the rest. Her genuine focus on us, our property, our needs and concerns was amazing. Our property was snapped up just after 1 day on the market, with brilliant tenants and at our higher asking price.

Living interstate we feel very comfortable that Heather will manage our property as if it was her own, at the same time treating the tenants with the respect they deserve and ensuring the property is well maintained at all times. Heather has become a trusted advisor to us and we will remain clients for life.

Heather’s experience, response times, professionalism, emotional intelligence, empathy and knowledge make her a stand out Property Manager. We couldn’t be happier.
Mark Jessep and Rachel Carter
Heather is my real estate agent of choice and here is why. Although I love property investment as I consider it an excellent vehicle for both growth and income I have absolutely no interest in dealing with the details of managing the property. I chose Heather not only because she is fantastic at what she does she also understands property management form the investors point of view and personally I like the idea of property management for investors by investors.

It is too easy to stay with the ‘devil you know’ though and again I did not want to have to deal with the details. Beyond adding my signature to some forms I did not have to concern myself with anything. Heather handled the entire process from woe to go making it seamless. It could have been tricky as the old property manager had allowed my investment property to fall into arrears. Heather, whilst keeping me in the loop, handled the entire process and in the end I came out of a potentially disastrous situation with the rent paid in full, my property returned to me in excellent condition and I now have a tenant (hand picked by Heather) that will work for my property.

Everyone is happy. Especially me. So happy in fact I am giving her a second property to look after. Do yourself a favour and hire Heather as your property manager. You will not need to give it a second thought.
Tanja Caprioli
Heather Jopson has been managing my property at Rocklea and I am more than impressed with her management skills.

LET IT BE SAID THAT THERE ARE REAL ESTATE rental managers and there are real estate rental managers, as most property investors will know.

Even through very difficult moments of burst pipes and slow insurance dealings Heather was enthusiastically involved and committed to seeing the process occur as quickly and as efficiently as she could, and may I say that she was empathetically committed to keeping the whole process running smoothly between frustrating moments with tenants, myself and the insurance company.

I have owned rental real estate for 34 years and have dealt with MANY real estate agents and have found that most go to work and get through the day with minimal involvement with either the tenant or property owner.

So I can seriously say that Heather has outshone any of the agents I have dealt with previously.

Thankyou Heather for the handling of the big mess this property dealt us, as I mentioned, it was great to have you working with me and for me to sort through it all.

Please do not quit being a property manager as we need more like yourself who have a ‘can do approach’.
F Chanovre
Heather has been our real estate agent for just over 3 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Not living in the same town as our home can be difficult when renting, but Heather keeps our minds at ease. She handles everything and has made the transition of renting out our first home much easier than we ever anticipated.

You won’t regret your decision to hire Heather as your property manager. Take our word for it.
Nicola Rigby and Dan Freiberg
Heather’s approach to property management clearly shows her firsthand knowledge and experience in the issues, concerns and foremost interests of the investor. She clearly understands the importance to all concerned of well managed tenancies.

For us, her proactive organised style has created a sense of unequivocal trust and reliability. She is professional, firm, fair and tenacious with our tenants. While she offers us honest, well informed advice, in an accommodating style with a great ability to understand our individual situation and needs. This personalised approach means communication, paperwork or tenancy decisions undertaken with Heather are nothing but productive and stress free.

Add to this her genuine, gregarious nature and well, she is just a real pleasure to deal with. At times she has gone above and beyond our expectations offering advice and tenancy information about properties not even under her management. But we suspect this only exemplifies ‘typical Heather’ and the exceptional all-inclusive service she so competently offers.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found her. She is a huge asset to us. We would recommend Heather in a heartbeat to other investors. Quite simply, Heather is a fantastic property manager!
Peter and Carol Lawson
We would like to thank Heather for her patience and guidance through the letting of our brand new investment property at Springfield Lakes. Our property was one of seven new villas coming onto the rental market at the same time so competition was tough.

However, Heather managed to tenant our property before any of the others despite last minute problems with the builder completing finishing touches. Heather was very professional and drew our attention to different ways to make our property more attractive to tenants.

We would recommend the services of Beyond Property Management to anybody looking for outstanding property management.
Peter & Gillian Cameron
As a first time landlord, I was nervous about knowing who to use to look after my newly acquired house. After meeting Heather at a networking meeting and hear her talking about the fact that she is a landlord herself and she understands the expectations of being a property manager – I knew this was the lady I needed to be looking after my property.

Heather went through my property and let me know what needed to be done to make it ‘tenant’ ready and steered me in the right direction to make me a compliant ‘property manager’. Oh the headaches that she relieved!!!

Once listing the property, Heather had an interested party within 12 hours! And then they moved in the following week.

Heather continually answers questions of a nervous first time ‘landlord’, is professional and efficient. I have no hesitation recommending Heather to a keen investor who wants someone who cares looking after their investment.
Leisa Gill
I used Heather of Beyond PM to rent out an investment property. At the time I was overseas and contactable by email only. Within 1 week she had found a great tenant, dealt with maintenance and cleaning sub contractors, and finalised all paper work, whilst keeping me in the loop at all stages. Outstanding work, and can see she that her experience as an investment property owner herself, provides the best outcome and experience for her clients. Thanks Heather!
Nathan Yuille
Heather is a very good property manager. She has a motherly aspect which may be especially suitable for younger investors or interstate investors, I myself have my properties with her.

She treats the properties as she would her own and therefore is proactive in her management style. This is because she also has experience in being a landlord and understanding their needs.

The term ‘ethical’ should almost never used in the real estate industry, however that term is a suitable descriptor for Heather.

I would recommend Beyond Property Management to anyone looking to invest in Queensland.
Ben Yan
Heather has managed 5 of our investment properties for us. Until Heather came along, I struggled to find a property management team that understood my needs and priorities as a landlord – being an investor herself meant Heather’s approach was completely different to the norm. She is a knowledgeable and professional Property Manager who always keeps me informed. Her service is second to none.
Karen Stuart
Heather is professional and caring in her approach and treats all parties with integrity and respect. I am getting a great return on investment with the best tenants I’ve had.
Claudia Kaltenstadler