Mark Vanniekerk


Highly recommended. Kerry and I changed the management of our investment property to Heather of Beyond Property Management at a point where we were considering managing our investment property ourselves after several costly mistakes by previous rental managers. Since then we have not looked back. The three things for us that has made Heather stand out from her competitors include:

Heather is a highly experienced investment property owner and her business is only managing investment properties and is not a side line to selling real estate. This is a different to our previous experience where our rental managers were very young and usually had not owned their own investment properties. Heather is always looking at ways to minimize our expenses, one example of this is past rental managers would have billed us for an electricians call out fee for a light not working, rather than checking if the light bulb just needed changing.

We only deal with Heather and she regularly keeps in contact with our tenants and us. This is different from our past experiences where due to high staff turnover we usually didn’t know who our rental manager was and similarly they often didn’t know us, our property or tenants. Heather has such good relations with our tenants that she was called up the other day when one of our tenants found our neighbour trying to fill their water tank from our tap. In the past our tenants wouldn’t have cared.

Being a property investor, Heather is proactive so we always have tenants. Heather knows that as a property investment owner, vacancies cost you money. From our experience it is the little things that Heather does that impress us. These include: not waiting till the week before the tenant is moving out to start advertising. Negotiating leases that are longer than 6 months and that do not expire during the Christmas holidays. Heather did a fantastic job managing our property after the storms which at the time damaged 30 windows on the south facing part of our units. Heather not only helped in coordinating all parties concerned, but also kept good relations with our tenants so that we still had full occupancy throughout the whole process.

Thanks Heather!

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