F Chanovre


Heather Jopson has been managing my property at Rocklea and I am more than impressed with her management skills.

LET IT BE SAID THAT THERE ARE REAL ESTATE rental managers and there are real estate rental managers, as most property investors will know.

Even through very difficult moments of burst pipes and slow insurance dealings Heather was enthusiastically involved and committed to seeing the process occur as quickly and as efficiently as she could, and may I say that she was empathetically committed to keeping the whole process running smoothly between frustrating moments with tenants, myself and the insurance company.

I have owned rental real estate for 34 years and have dealt with MANY real estate agents and have found that most go to work and get through the day with minimal involvement with either the tenant or property owner.

So I can seriously say that Heather has outshone any of the agents I have dealt with previously.

Thank you Heather for the handling of the big mess this property dealt us, as I mentioned, it was great to have you working with me and for me to sort through it all.

Please do not quit being a property manager as we need more like yourself who have a ‘can do approach’.

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