Peter And Carol Lawson


Heather’s approach to property management clearly shows her firsthand knowledge and experience in the issues, concerns and foremost interests of the investor. She clearly understands the importance to all concerned of well managed tenancies.

For us, her proactive organised style has created a sense of unequivocal trust and reliability. She is professional, firm, fair and tenacious with our tenants. While she offers us honest, well informed advice, in an accommodating style with a great ability to understand our individual situation and needs. This personalised approach means communication, paperwork or tenancy decisions undertaken with Heather are nothing but productive and stress free.

Add to this her genuine, gregarious nature and well, she is just a real pleasure to deal with. At times she has gone above and beyond our expectations offering advice and tenancy information about properties not even under her management. But we suspect this only exemplifies ‘typical Heather’ and the exceptional all-inclusive service she so competently offers.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found her. She is a huge asset to us. We would recommend Heather in a heartbeat to other investors. Quite simply, Heather is a fantastic property manager!

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