Why Choose Beyond Property Management

Heather Jopson - Principal and Founder of Beyond Property Management
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About Beyond

Why choose Beyond Property Management

We offer a competitive and client-centric approach to the management of your property and your tenants. Ultimately, we are here for YOU. We represent YOU and we work with YOU to ensure the best possible outcome for YOU.

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How Are We Different?

The Reasons for Choosing Beyond Property Management

We are Property Management specialists.

Property management is our specialty; our focus; it’s all we do. We do not sell properties so the properties we manage are our only priority.


We are business owners.

We are a family-owned business and the business owners, Aaron and Heather, are hands-on every day. Call us whenever you need to – we are here to help.

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We are investors.

Our team are experienced and are led by experienced investors. Aaron and Heather have extensive investment experience, transacting many and various types of property deals for themselves.

We Are Different Because We Think Like You... An Investor!

The choice of property manager is an important one, so it’s important to be clear on what you want from your property manager.
Isn’t the point of using a property manager that you feel comfortable that your property is in safe hands, under the care of an expert in their field, that understands your needs, and knows how to maximise your returns?

The problem is that there is often a wide gap between what an investor wants from their property manager, and what service is provided by general industry standards. This is because in many cases property management is not the core focus of a real estate agency, and is often under-resourced both in terms of staffing and expertise. Property management is left to ‘get by’. This results in clients constantly frustrated by having to chase up their property manager, feeling left in the dark, and as though they are spending more time managing their manager, than their manager spends on the property.

So, in our experience, it’s important to choose an agency that just focuses on property management. Talk to us today, call 07 3188 7651 now to get started.


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