The importance of choosing a property manager that thinks like an investor

The importance of choosing a property manager that thinks like an investor

Beyond Property Management Principal and Founder Heather Jopson explains why your property manager should be able to think like an investor not just a manager. Click the video below to watch or read the transcript.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Heather Jopson from Beyond Property Management, and I wanted to give an example today of why it’s really important to choose a property manager, that thinks like a property investor and respects their client’s money.

We took over management of a property a few years ago and this is the reason why the client left their old property manager. A tenant had moved out, the carpet cleaner had been and the carpet cleaner left the outside tap running, the property manager called a plumber to go turn the tap off, despite the fact that their office was about 2 minutes from the property. The new tenant then moved in and you know your range hood how there’s often a switch in the cupboard above it that had obviously been turned off by the cleaners the tenant’s reported the range hood’s not working the property manager sent an electrician to fix it instead of problem solving over the phone with the tenant on something that really didn’t need any technician to attend.

Those 2 little things cost that client over $300. And they’re really good examples of why it’s really important to have a property manager that doesn’t think of you as the rich land lord, that respects your money, and that knows that their job is to maximise your return and to protect you from things like that happening. I hope that’s been interesting for you and I’m happy to talk property anytime you’re welcome to call, thanks.

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